~ Recreating a 1926 Sunbeam speed record car to raise money for charity ~
 Combining a passion for British motoring heritage with a fundraising goal

I have chosen two charities that i would like to raise funds for with this project, and i would like to pledge amounts to these on a £-per-mph-achieved, so the faster the car goes, the more money we will raise!

     [link to pledge form to follow]

As you will see from the 'progress' page, there is quite a mountain to climb in terms of engineering. The speed attempt itself is likely to take place in late 2019. 

I am inviting people to pledge an amount before the event to either or both charitable causes.

Cancer Research is the world's largest independent cancer research charity and began in 1902. It has over 40,000 volunteers and in the last year put around £400 million pounds into UK based cancer research projects, and has been closely involved in the discovery and development of a number of clinically approved cancer drugs.

Action on addiction is a national charity which offers high quality, effective residential rehab and community based addiction treatment, based at Clouds House in Wiltshire and has been a life-saving sanctuary for sufferers of addiction since 1983

Please click on the links below to find out more about these charities and their work.